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Different Times

When I was young, there was a golf driving range near the elementary school in Glenolden. At the very end of the property, there was a creek and then a huge, steep hill which supported a set of train tracks. The creek went through a stone tunnel into Glenolden Park where we watched fireworks every Independence Day.

Being in our youth a friend or three went with me to the park to play in the creek. We went into the tunnel and whistled, yelled, hooted and hollered to hear the great echo. Once we were through the tunnel, we decided to climb the steep hill to the train tracks. Continue reading Different Times

To Do Or Not To Do? – That Is The Only Question

In our last reporting of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, we covered the wolves in sheep’s clothing and the false prophets. We now have to fight another problem that could keep us from entering heaven.

As Christians, it is our duty to spread the Word of God. That includes The Father’s Old Testament as well as The New Testament teachings of Jesus.

I would like to share with you an experience of mine that should serve as a good example for today’s reading of the Word. Continue reading To Do Or Not To Do? – That Is The Only Question

Gates and the False Prophets

I know this is the Silicon Valley and with the title of my sermon being Gates and the False Prophets, you may think I’m accusing Bill of profiting from illegal actions. No, I am talking about the kind of gates you open and the prophets are spelled P-R-O-P-H-E-T-S.

I was relaxing after church watching NCIS reruns with Abby, the Goth forensics woman, hosting the marathon and answering questions from the audience.

A couple of commercials caught my eye, as commercials are designed to do. The first one a man walks into a diner and the waitress asks if he wants pain now or later. The man is puzzled and the short-order cook in the back clarifies it: “Do you want heartburn now or later?” Continue reading Gates and the False Prophets