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God Cares for You

[Originally delivered on Saturday, October 10, 2010 at Worship Jam.]

Some of you know that I lost my job due to the downturn of the economy a year and a half ago. I worried about it for around five or six hours feeling sorry for myself.

I prayed and asked God to take all the worry away from me.   I knew God loves and cares for me, and so He did!

I really knew deep inside that God would take care of everything I needed. Notice that I said Need and not want!

I then did something that was really scary: I committed to dedicate my life to serving God and his Son, Jesus. Continue reading God Cares for You


After I joined NVC (New Venture Church), I freely gave to the church. I felt good about it and that was that. I knew about tithing, BUT, I always had more bills than paycheck, after making a few other necessary expenses like fast food, dinners out (hey, there was no time to cook in the evening since I was tired from work and arrived late) and other sundry things.

I would start to tithe as soon as I paid a few bills and soon, a few credit card balances started to come down. Ooooh! Look at the great deal! Well it wouldn’t hurt to use that card “just” this once…… Not surprisingly, the bills didn’t decrease. Continue reading Tithing