Prayer Works

For the past years, a group of friends have been praying for God to heal Tracy by whatever means he chooses. Who are we to tell God how to do something? I’ve given up on that quite a while ago! Tracy happens to be a friend of Joy and mine. She has been on dialysis for seven years with total kidney failure, has two teenaged children and is a single mom.

She got a call in the early Sunday morning around 1 AM or so (I’m not too sure about the time, but it was early in the morning when she called us) and was told there was a pair of kidneys being prepared in Arkansas that would be flown out here to California.

At 6:00 AM her church elders took her to the hospital to run tests on her and see if she could survive a transplant. A previous opportunity was turned down because they determined the operation would not be successful because of her poor health.

At noon, Joy and I picked up her children and joined Tracy at the hospital to pray and also comfort her children during the afternoon and evening. The tests came back good and hour later and the operation was on. The kidneys arrived around 4:30 PM and the doctor said they looked good.

Around 5:30, we were all in the hallway outside of the operating room prep area with Tracy as the anesthesiologist finished setting up an IV. We all held hands for a prayer and the anesthesiologist said “I’d like a piece of that!” and she joined us! We prayed for God to guide the hands of the doctors and also for the soul of the infant and comfort for the parents that had donated their child’s kidneys. Off she went into the OR.

Hours later, a nurse stopped by the lobby on her way home and told us that Tracy was out of surgery. She couldn’t tell us anything, but she was wearing a big smile. The doctor joined us about an hour or so later and told her children that the surgery had gone very well and her new kidneys were producing urine from the start. It is not uncommon for them to stay dormant for several days until they start to work, so this was definitely a blessing. Also (FYI: she is known for talking a lot) she immediately came out of the anesthesia after surgery and started talking up a storm! The doctors probably had enough of the talking after a while ☺ so they had her children go up and they talked with her.

Thirty minutes later, she was out of the intensive care and back in her room. Now, usually, kidney transplant patients spend close to a day or even more in ICU. Wow!

She went to sleep and we all left praising the Lord! We arrived home around 1 or 2 in the morning and we just could not sleep being so full of excitement seeing God’s great work! (That lead to a very long day at work, but God provided the energy.)

The following morning after the surgery, Tracy did not need any pain killers! Another big blessing from God! I have never heard of someone right out of surgery not needing some pain killer the day afterward.

Tracy was released less than 72 hours after the surgery started!!! Even the doctors could not believe she was ready to come home.

We all know about the power of prayer. The proof is all around us.

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