Invocation and Benediction for 45th Interboro 1969 Class Reunion

I was honored to be asked to deliver the Invocation and Benediction for my 45th Interboro High School reunion.


Father God, we come here tonight with joyful hearts and thanksgiving.

We thank you for granting us travel mercies in arriving safely, and we ask your blessings on those who were unable to attend.

We remember those who have returned to your eternal care and ask you to bless their loved ones.

We thank you for our being part of the special Interboro Class of 1969, and we thank you for our teachers and school administrators that have shaped our lives.

Lord, we are thankful for all those who have made this reunion possible and we seek your blessing for them.

Please bless the food we are about to share, the renewed friendships of those gathered around the tables and the joy and laughter of our remembrances.

We ask this in the name of your Son, Jesus.  Amen


Father God, we thank you for giving us this time together.

We rejoice in this experience, that we are here in mind, body and spirit.

We celebrate the renewal of friendships as well as the recognition of the names of our fellow classmates, if not their more mature faces.

We celebrate the memories of the times at Interboro High School and share the life experiences we have gone through in the past 45 years.

We thank you, Lord, for Facebook and other social media that have reunited so many of us all across the country and even the world.

We also thank you that Facebook was not yet invented while we were in school so none of our youthful craziness was spread all over the world and eternally remembered by anyone with Internet access.

Lord, we ask your blessings for those of us who have lost loved ones, for those who have sickness, sadness and other hardships in their lives.

We also ask you to bestow your blessings upon all of us as we return to our homes.

We also ask you to give us strength that we may continue to positively affect the world around us.

We ask all of this in the name or your son, Jesus.


In closing, I charge everyone in the Interboro Class of 1969 with the following: Godspeed until we meet again in 5 years.

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  1. We have changed the world and most can’t see what they have acomplished. Leave the world better than you found it.

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