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IBC Prayer for Jim Shannon – December 6, 2014

Jim ShannonFather in heaven, thank you so much for us being able to gather here to break bread and fellowship together. We thank you for blessing us with so many friends, especially Jim Shannon, whom we remember today.

We are truly blessed to have known Jim, who always wore a smile and was constantly available to help his friends.

From spending hours translating a complicated German recipe to dedicating several months of his precious time here on earth to pull together the 1969 class reunion, we are grateful to have been blessed with his presence. Continue reading IBC Prayer for Jim Shannon – December 6, 2014

It’s Not Easy

(Spoken at the Palo Alto Church of Christ on November 30, 2104)

Audience participation time! Everyone raise a hand. If you can’t raise your hand, raise a finger or just nod.

I will be looking for YES answers, or no answer at all.

How many of you have had a difficult time in your life?

How many have had to do a difficult task?

How many have had a difficult task and were tempted to find an easy way around it? Continue reading It’s Not Easy