Monthly Archives: April 2015

Prayer for April 18 IBC Breakfast

Father in Heaven,

Thank you for the springtime as we get a new regrowth of life in the beautiful flowers you have created for us. We thank you for the warmth of spring which revives us from the cold of winter.

We have just celebrated all you and your Son have done for us, so we may also have a renewal of our souls and everlasting life. Thank you for this gift.

Please bless this gathering so we may share and even renew our friendships and comradery by breaking bread together. Please also bless those who were unable to attend and those of our classmates, family and friends who are in need of healing.

We thank you for providing the food we are about to have and ask you to bless it. Please also bless those who are preparing and serving it.

We ask this in the name your Son, Jesus.


Blessing for IBC Breakfast March 14 2015

Father in heaven, we are grateful for being able to gather here this morning to share our lives with each other in friendship, love and hope. Please bless those classmates who are unable to attend and heal those classmates who are ill.

We look forward to the spring where your flowers will be dressed in their splendid finery as only you can create them.

Please bless the food as we break bread together, and bless those who have prepared and served it.

Finally we hold up to you, Father, the Hummel family with their loss of Ann. She bravely fought a good fight and is now in your hands.

Please wrap your arms of lovingkindness around Ann’s family, classmates and friends and comfort them.

We ask this in the name of your Son, Jesus.