Random Acts of Kindness

How many of us Christians follow what Jesus, and by the extension of His hand-picked Apostles, did? The Bible is loaded with examples set by our Savior in helping the sick, poor, orphans and others in need. The book of ACTS is devoted to some of the acts of kindness that the Apostles did.

We need to ask ourselves if we are following Jesus’ example. Do you turn your eyes away from the poor homeless mother with her child in tow, pretending not to notice her plight? What about the couple sleeping under a tree with snow on the ground and their dog snuggles up to them trying to keep them warm? Would you turn away?

A friend of mine came across such a couple on a very cold morning (but thankfully no snow). He could tell they were malnourished by the gaunt look in their faces and the ribs of the dog very visible. He did not turn away. He went to a store and picked up some supplies and returned.

The tree was in the corner of a property where an In ‘N Out Burger was situated. My friend brought a cooler on wheels. The inside was filled with non-perishable food items. He went to his car and returned with a large bag of dog food and a dog toy. Finally he treated them all to whatever they wanted to eat at In ‘N Out followed by a $100 food card.

Needless to say everyone, including Buddy was happy and tears welled up in the couple’s eyes.

A lot of us may not have the resources to go all-out with a couple of hundred dollars to help someone, but we can do something. After all, we can’t take our riches with us.

Try doing a random act of kindness and help make this world a better place. We may not be able to help everyone, but we can make a difference in a few people’s lives. I double dog dare you to try it!

The In ‘N Out employee paychecks have Matthew 6:19 printed on them. This is good advice for everyone!

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