Angel in Chicago

In my recent travels, I noticed something at the Chicago airport during a stopover. I observed a handicap woman in a wheelchair being pushed by an airline attendant. She was waiting in a line at a salad bar. The man in front of her was taking a lot of time at the checkout and holding up the line.

He paid for a salad and something to drink and then started softly chatting with the checker while everyone waited impatiently. Some commented on his rudeness. Eventually, he turned around, bent over and wished the woman a Merry Christmas. The woman’s teeth shined brightly as she smiled and the gentleman walked away.

She ordered her salad and was pushed to the cashier. She started to open her purse and the cashier told her the man in front of her had paid for her food. She pointed to an empty spot where the man was standing. He had disappeared.

The woman’s smile widened as if an angel had blessed her.

Be an angel to someone.

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