Blessing for IBC Breakfast December 19, 2015

Friends, I am sorry I missed this breakfast by a week as I would have loved to be delivering the prayer in person.

This season is a celebration of joy and new beginnings. We await the celebration of the beginning of a new spiritual life with the birth of our Christ Jesus. Some of us may have already celebrated Hanukkah, the rededication (and new beginning) of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. We also will celebrate a New Year starting afresh and renewed for the coming year.

Some of us have lost loved ones this season. Dave Hess, Kathi McFadden McLaughlin, Mr. Robert Regester and my cousin James English join the list of those who have passed before us. I have cried along with you, but we should celebrate instead. Surely, they are starting new beginnings with their Creator.

This Christmas season is traditionally a season of giving from God’s gift of His only Son to us, to the Magi delivering their gifts to the baby Jesus, to Saint Nicholas using his entire inheritance to care for the sick and needy. We continue with the giving spirit this Christmas by starting the Interboro BUCS breakfast gift. I wish I was here to see the smiles on all your faces when we buy that first breakfast with Interboro BUCS!

Let us pray.

Father in Heaven,

We thank you for giving us your Son. We thank you and ask for your continued blessing for our families and friends who are gathered here as well as those who are not. We hold up to you all our classmates, families and friends who need physical and spiritual healing that they may be healed.

Lord, please wrap your arms of lovingkindness around the families and friends of Dave Hess, Kathi McFadden McLaughlin and Mr. Robert Regester and comfort them in their time of loss.

Please heal and comfort Janet Ricks as well as our other classmates and friends that are in need.

Bless our food as well as those who prepare and serve it and fill all of us with joy as we break bread and share our love together.


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