Monthly Archives: July 2016

Blessing for IBC Breakfast July 23, 2016

This month we celebrated Independence Day, the celebration of the anniversary of declaration of our freedom from England. God, our Creator, gave us inalienable rights and guided our Founding Founders to enumerate these in the Bill of Rights for our protection.

Let us pray.

Father in heaven, we thank you for this country we live in and for our right to assemble, worship and seek happiness using the free will with which you provided for us.

We pray that the people in this great country (and in all countries throughout the world) will choose righteousness, goodness and love over evil and hatred; that they and us will love each other as we would desire to be loved by others even when wickedness tries to deter us from loving.

Father, we thank you for this safe place to gather and show our love for each other. We thank you for the opportunity to share our lives with each other and grow our devoted bonds stronger among us.

Please bless the food which you provided to nourish us. Bless all those who helped provide us with our meals from the farmers to those who prepare and serve it.

Father, we hold up to you our thanks, praise and prayers in the name of your Son, Jesus.