Blessing for IBC Breakfast February 18, 2017

February is a month usually reserved for Valentine cards, cupids, arrows to make someone love stricken, chocolates by the pound and even strawberries dipped in chocolate washed down with copious amounts of champagne.

February should be reserved for love and having this spread to a year-round reservation would be beneficial to this world. We love each other and our neighbors; Jesus’ definition of neighbors was the world.

Let us pray.

Father in heaven, we praise you for the love you have for us, even to the extent of giving us your Son to pay for our sins and transgressions. We thank you for your mercy and forgiveness.

Please help us to love each other and also our neighbors. Help us in forgiving those who have angered us as you have forgiven us.

Bless us today as we gather to share our love, opening our hearts to each other and sharing our lives.

Please bless our food and all those who prepare and serve it.

We ask all of these things in the name of your Son, Jesus.


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