Blessing for IBC Breakfast March 18, 2017

We are just two days from the first day of spring. Already, in spite of the unseasonable appearance of snow, we have seen flowers poking up their heads. Spring is where everything awakens from the frozen state to give birth to new beginnings and healing from the ravages of winter.

Let us pray.

Father in Heaven, today we hold up to you all our classmates and their families who are in need, and ask you to heal them and provide comfort, strength and understanding. You know who they are and what they need. We ask for your divine intervention in their lives.

We also thank you for the healing and miracles we have witnessed and those which were unseen.

Please bless our time together as we share our love with one another, and we thank you for this comfortable and safe place in which to meet.

We ask you to bless this food which you have provided for our physical nourishment and for our spiritual nourishment.

Please bless all of those who have prepared the food and those who serve it to us.

We praise you and ask for your favor in the name of your Son, Jesus.


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