Blessing for IBC Breakfast July 22, 2017

This month we have celebrated Independence Day. The Declaration of Independence, the sacrifices of those who fought for our freedom throughout our history and the Bill of Rights which allow us to enjoy our God-given rights.

Let us pray.

Father in heaven, we thank you for a place to live that gives us the freedom to worship and partake in the inalienable rights you have given us.

We thank you for our freedom and ask you to bless the souls who have sacrificed much for us. In particular we ask you to bless our classmates Frederick Leopold, Donald Rees and their families.

Lord, please bless all of those who are with us today and also those who were unable to join us.  Bless our time as we break bread together and share our lives and love with each other.

Please bless the food we are about to receive and those who prepare and serve it.

We thank you in the name of your Son, Jesus, for all you have provided for us.


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