Blessing for IBC Breakfast August 19 2017

Steve Shockley:

With the sudden passing of our dear classmate, Guy Reckeweg, we are reminded of just how fragile and un-guaranteed our lives are…that is, none of us have ever been promised or guaranteed a tomorrow.

This is why I’m so grateful for our monthly IBC.  We have the chance every month to let each other know how much they’re appreciated, how much they have influenced and improved our own lives.  There should never be a time when any of us say  “Gee…I wish I had said something”.

Fred Hoot:

Let us pray.

Father in heaven, we hold up to you Guy Reckeweg’s family. Please wrap your arms of lovingkindness around them and comfort them. Please give them strength and understanding to get through their untimely loss of Guy. Also, please comfort his classmates and friends.

Father, we thank you for the precious lives you have given us. We thank you for providing us with this place and time to gather and share our lives and love with each other. We are so grateful for all you have given us.

Lord, please bless all of our classmates who were unable to be here with us and heal all those who are suffering.

As we prepare to break bread together, please bless the food, both physical and spiritual, you have provided for us. Also, please bless the people who are preparing our food and those who are serving us today.

We ask all of this in the name of your Son, Jesus.


P.S.  I thank you for those who are having Scrapple for me this morning as I prepare for the best substitute I have here in California: a fried SPAM sandwich. I love you all! – Fred

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