Worship Jam Is 8 Years Old!

Wow! Time flies.

Eight years ago I held the first church service for Worship Jam Ministries.

I started Worship jam because I had lost more musician friends than I could count. I believed that they might have been saved if they had some Jesus in their lives.

For a few years we held weekly services in Palo Alto. Since most of the musicians were from the San Jose area, I eventually moved the ministry to the bars and jam sessions where musicians hang out, where I still minister to musicians while not ministering for the homeless at the Highway Palo Alto Community in Christ. I am also serving as Chaplain for IBC, providing monthly breakfast blessings.

I wish to thank Avery Stafford and Bill Belew for their inspiration and helping me in getting this ministry started. I would also like to thank all the Elders (Mike Gormish, Ken Gudan, Marc Hornbostel, Keith Mitchell, Joy Swift, and Sam Wood) as well as Pastor Lewis Greer, at the Palo Alto Church of Christ for their unwavering support in the early years. (Having a band with a 6-piece horn section in an A Capella church on Saturdays was unreal!)

I thank God I am blessed to be able to be one of His servants and hope He will allow me to serve for many years in the future.

God bless,


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