Blessing for IBC Breakfast May 19, 2018

John quotes Jesus telling the apostles that everyone will know they are disciples by the love they show for each other.

Since the start of IBC, I have been amazed at the love we have shown for each other:

  • Through thick and thin.
  • Through times of happiness and sadness.
  • Through differences of opinions.
  • Even through whether you love Scrapple or not, and that’s a big hurdle.

Through all of these things and more, we in the IBC family have stood by each other and showed our love for each other.

We have unconditionally shared our hearts and our lives with each other. We have prayed for each other.

People do notice that we have a bond with each other as members of the Interboro Breakfast Club.

Let us pray,

Father in heaven, we thank you for all of us being here to share our love.

And Lord, I personally thank you for making it possible to be here today.

Thank you for a place where we can gather and break bread with each other.

Please bless those classmates who are unable to be here today.

Please bless our family members who have had members of their families leave this life to join You in heaven.

Please grant travel mercies for those who are on the road.

We also ask that you heal and comfort those of us who may be suffering, whether we see it or not.

Please bless the food you have provided for us and the people who are preparing and serving it.

We ask all of this in the name of your Son, Jesus.



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