Blessing for IBC Breakfast November 17, 2018

Thanksgiving is a day for giving thanks to our Creator for what He has provided for us, but we shouldn’t limit it to one day – gives thanks every day because we never know when we could have everything taken from us.

My close friend, Pastor Stan Freitas just finished building a larger worship hall extension to his church building. A few days later Stan and his wife Tracy lost their home, all their possessions and the church building in the Camp fire in Paradise. The only thing left was a rock and a wooden cross that was part of the exterior structure. The cross had “Love God, Love People” written on it.

Marianne and Walt Hall were vacationing in Jamaica. Our classmate Walt is now in the hands of our Lord, gone from this earth.

Let us give thanks.

Father in Heaven,

We thank you for all we have. We thank you for our classmates, significant others and friends. We thank you for life itself.

We thank you for today, as tomorrow is not guaranteed.

We ask you to wrap your arms of lovingkindness around Marianne Hall and her family and comfort them during their time of need. Also, continue to comfort the families of those classmates who are now in your hands.

Please comfort all those who have lost all due to the fires in northern and southern California.

Lord, we ask you to provide healing and comfort for all our classmates and teachers that are in need.

Please bless the classmates who were not able to make it here.

We thank you for this place to gather and share our love and lives with each other.

Please bless the food we are about to eat and those who prepare and serve it.

We thank you in the name of your son, Jesus.


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