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Different Times

When I was young, there was a golf driving range near the elementary school in Glenolden. At the very end of the property, there was a creek and then a huge, steep hill which supported a set of train tracks. The creek went through a stone tunnel into Glenolden Park where we watched fireworks every Independence Day.

Being in our youth a friend or three went with me to the park to play in the creek. We went into the tunnel and whistled, yelled, hooted and hollered to hear the great echo. Once we were through the tunnel, we decided to climb the steep hill to the train tracks. Continue reading Different Times

Uncontrolled Anger Can Fry You Like a McNugget

I would hope Melodi’s parents tried to raise her right. It does appear that she forgot her upbringing and developed an undeserved sense of entitlement.

Melodi Dushane a 24-year old living in Toledo, Ohio pulled up to a McDonalds and ordered some Chicken McNuggets. When she was informed that they did not have any more McNuggets, she lost control. Continue reading Uncontrolled Anger Can Fry You Like a McNugget