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What Do We Do and How Will We Do?

We have spent the last several months praying and working on defining our major thrusts as a church. One of these is Worship.

There has been local youth movement designed to pull the younger generation away from Easter.

Young people are gathering to worship Jelly Beans. They sit in a circle and have a bowl of Jelly Bellies. The communion starts with a person taking three jelly beans of a combination of flavors and giving them to the person on their left who closes their eyes and enjoys the taste and attempts to receive the spiritual blessing from the flavor experience shared with them. The bowl gets passed to the right and the whole process repeats until the bowl is empty. Continue reading What Do We Do and How Will We Do?

Extraordinary Blessings Through Faith

Do you have faith?

This past week, I saw an article about a man who had great faith. In fact, I do not believe that I have ever heard of a person with greater faith.

See, he wanted an extraordinary blessing of being rich.

He wanted to accomplish this by robbing banks, but was too afraid of being caught. He tracked down a wizard who gave him a spell which when tied to his arm, would render him invisible. Continue reading Extraordinary Blessings Through Faith

Offense and Defense

Many of you know that I am from Philadelphia and my favorite sports team is the Philadelphia Eagles.

You may also know that I do not know much about football strategy. However, if you look over the last few years, a team from Texas has usually been the nail in the Eagles coffin when it came to getting a place in the playoffs.

A Texas team once even stopped the Eagles from getting to play in the Super Bowl. When they did manage to gain entry into the Super Bowl, they were defeated both times by other teams. Continue reading Offense and Defense