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Worship Jam sermons were targeted for an average length of 13 minutes.

Have You Seen the Sign?

[Originally delivered on Saturday, November 20, 2010 at Worship Jam.]

Have you ever worked a job for a long time and then wondered if what you were doing was really making a difference.

As some of you may know, I have worked on a couple of political campaigns.

I met the candidates in many face-to-face meetings as we worked out the details of the campaign. Plans constantly changed depending on our research.

Right after the primary, the particular research I was doing was on the opposition.

We saw signs that they were real worried internally. Continue reading Have You Seen the Sign?

God Cares for You

[Originally delivered on Saturday, October 10, 2010 at Worship Jam.]

Some of you know that I lost my job due to the downturn of the economy a year and a half ago. I worried about it for around five or six hours feeling sorry for myself.

I prayed and asked God to take all the worry away from me.   I knew God loves and cares for me, and so He did!

I really knew deep inside that God would take care of everything I needed. Notice that I said Need and not want!

I then did something that was really scary: I committed to dedicate my life to serving God and his Son, Jesus. Continue reading God Cares for You

Jesus’ Farm Team

A while back, in my younger days, I was applying for the position of tackle for the Philadelphia Eagles football team. I didn’t have much football background, but I figured with a lot of hard work I could at least earn a spot on the bench.

After talking at length with my uncle, (who happens to be the Eagles head coach) Andy Reid, he recommended that I start at a little lower level to gain some experience. I was sure he would recommend me to the Eagles Farm team. Continue reading Jesus’ Farm Team

September 11 Remembrance

All of us have gone through some rough times in our lives. Whether it has been addiction, homelessness, depression, the loss of friends or family members, loss of your job and income, imprisonment, divorce or a host of other problems, we have survived. Some of us may be going through some problems right now.

We need to always remember that there is help for us in these situations. Remember the apostles when Jesus was still in the tomb. They were hiding and worried in fear for their lives. They had forgotten that Sunday – the third day that Jesus told them he would complete rebuilding the temple – was just around the corner. Continue reading September 11 Remembrance